One Month Project – Geamana

Geamana, a one month shoot'em up.
Dive into the most toxic lake in the world.

The Clémenteam


Paul GASTON and Alison P.


Vincent LEGEAY and Ervan SILVERT


Romain NAVAZO and Thomas GARCIA

UX Design



Mathieu RENARD

Sound Design


Please don't play "Find the programmers"...

What is it ?

Geamana is a shoot’em up where two players controlling the same entity – an abandoned diving suit with a pincer – tries to survive during their dive into the most toxic lake in the world called Geamana.

While one aims and tries to kill the enemies coming from every corners, the other tries to avoid them with the only capacity to defend itself from the bullet with its pincer.

Together, they will have to survive a 10 minutes experience in a deep and dark lake surrounded by numerous enemies with evolving music inspired by Dark Soul III.

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