Geamana – Post Mortem

Please, if you don't know anything about Geamana, visit this twin article that talks a bit about it. Thanks.

About the project

Geamana was a school project at the CNAM-ENJMIN. Last year they had a one-month jam to realize a FPS but some things went wrong and the idea was ditched away. This year, whereas side many projects were actually on (learning Unity, making a C++ game etc.), the teachers decided to start this project from nowhere, we weren’t aware at all of this load of work that was waiting for us. Obviously many was surprised and finally put away this project to achieve the others in time. When all the deadlines were past, after two weeks and Christmas holidays, everyone started to work on it; with a big delay then.

The teams have been built randomly with random picking of a number from one to six, per specialties in order to keep the same balanced structure for every teams. To know more about the final product and the team, please visit the twin article at ~/one-month-project-geamana/.

What went right ...

Definitely the sound design. After the first meetings on how everyone wanted the game to be and what should absolutely be in it; Robin came with a « first try » on the sound design he imagined for the game and oh-my, you can’t imagine; you just can’t imagine how hyped we all were. Since the first listening to the last of a two hours one-music repeat; I had the goose bumps. I still have it just thinking about it, it’s incredible, give that man an award. 

Another thing was the management, really quickly we had periodic meetings where everyone was able to speak his.her mind. We most often had the global vision on what everyone was working on and using Trello / Hack’n’plan and Slack was really efficient in this team that was really adaptive and reactive.

... What went wrong

I said earlier that the management was awesome, actually it was just great as some may say. With the time, everything started to erode, the meetings were less scheduled, the mails died early, the numerous tasks not classified or dated before the arriving of Hack’n’plan a few days before the deadline; maybe our manager trust us enough to maintain it enough, but the reality was that some chaos started to appear when he stopped managing it.

Another negative point was the amount of work some have produced. Coming from a non video game related education I was prepared for the time we would have to spend in order to make everyone skills useful in the video game format. Hopefully it could have been instantaneous but I wasn’t expecting some to be unable to produce any asset before the near end of the project. I am not blaming at all, I should have been more aware of this issue, some spent hours and hours on marvelous pictures of enemies… that was incredible. However those pictures will be scaled to hundreds of pixels (instead of tens of thousands) and it was a huge loss of time. I was glad others managed to produced everything and more again before the end, and tried to coagulate the wound. In the end, the total production of some members could have been done in much less time than it took.

To put it in a nutshell...

I had the chance to work in a team happy to work together, really efficient; and even with some flaws the team managed to produce a high quality game; really innovative with its 2.5D and its asymmetric gameplay. I‘m quite happy of my production regarding the overall context (lack of time and working on spare time); and very proud of this team; this was really a pleasure and can’t wait the next school project to work with the others students !

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