About Me

My name is Ervan Silvert, I am 22 years old.

I am a game developer student, that passed his Bachelor Degree at the UFR-ST (Besançon – France) and now studying at the prestigious school named CNAM-ENJMIN (Angoulême – France). 

Welcome on my personnal website.

Programming Language

I feel quite comfortable with the C++ language. I use it for almost five years now and love many things about it; like the perfect memory management, speed of resulting executable, portability and the new standards that bring tons of amazing features ! 

As C#, I think I can handle heavy projects in this language. The main reason is because I spent six month in a independent video game studio programming on Unity with a senior of the industry that taught me a lot.

During my whole Bachelor Degree,  I have learned a lot about the C language and had the opportunity to make many things with it, as command interpreter on Unix system, AI class contest on Territory game, reprogramming all kinds of container (dynamics arrays, trees, sets, hash tables…) and most of UNIX basic commands.

I am not an expert, at all with this language. However, I learnt a lot about it as it was the example language during my studies and I had the opportunities to make small applications with it. I think I could handle a Java project with a little amount of adaptation time.

One of my study project was to recreate a smaller version of Twitter with the three main language of the web : HTML5, CSS3 and PHP (v7). Web projects are all differents from one another, but I am pretty sure I have all the theory and enough practice to develop web games.

I am sorry. Well, no I am particularly proud to say Ruby is my favourite programming language. It is SO powerful, so elegant I fell in love with it the minute I learnt about it. I am not an expert yet as I focus on game programming language for now, but the ambition to become one burns in me.

I am fluent in GDScript, a language dedicated in Godot Engine (video game middleware).

I have notions of Scheme, Javascript, Haxe, python and some exotic ones.


Bachelor Degree in Computer Science

Major for three years – Obtained with honors

Integrated excellence level formation called CMI designed to have engineer level adding communication, expression and management

Algorithmic, Fundamental mathematics, OOP, Sytem and Network programming, Syntactic analytic and english.



2014 – 2017

Master Degree in Video Game Development (in 2019)

Master degree in a very selective and national known school. Production of video game in a decade people group working with various profiles.

Working in group to develop master pieces directed by professional. Many actors of the industry teaches us about their speciality (from Ubisoft to local indie).

GD, SD, Graphic Design, Management, Programming



2017 – 2019


Box Hedge Games Indie studio
Video Game Developer Internship - 6 months

Working on an 2D action platformer that will be released on Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS. Implemented plenty of enemis from their textual description and visual assets to their living form. This means a lot of AI based on state machine.

Using Unity middleware and thus C# language.

In a team of three, I had the opportunity to infer in the game design, the level design, the difficulty calibration as I had various ways to take initiatives.

Working with two seniors of video game industry, I learned a lot, technically being with a professional Lead Programmer and regarding team management and communication being with a senior Graphic Designer.

Working with Assembla as code hosting and agile methods thanks to various dashboards.

Please visit : http://www.boxhedgegames.com





Unity, C#, 2D action platformer, state machine, Alessandro Di Meco, David Richier, Indie game

Shine Research Video Game middleware studio
Video Game Developer Internship - 2 months ​

Working on a pixel art drawing video game aiming a young population.
Based on the finished game working on iOS, used the Shine Engine (C+
+/XML) to reproduce it and being able to export it on every platforms;
mostly Android in this situation.

As a freshman, I succeeded to finish the game development in time with
a few release improvements let at the end of my internship.

Please visit : http://shine-research.com

I Draw With Squares





Shine Engine, C++, 2D drawing game, XML , middleware, Sylvain Grosdemouge

Game Jams

All the assets have been created during the 48 hours process. They are listed in anti-chronological order.

Global Game Jam


Kill To Save The World - GGJ 2018
Kill To Save The World

Made in a team of three french not-so-pro-at-drawing students from CNAM-ENJMIN - famous video game school- KTSTW is our entry for Global Game Jam 2018 in Cologne Game Lab site where we had the chance to go thanks to a student exchange. More information on the website : https://globalgamejam.org/2018/games/kill-save-world

Running A Wave

Made in a team of seven student in computer science, Running A Was is our entry for Global Game Jam 2017 in Besançon site. More information on the website : https://globalgamejam.org/2017/games/running-wave

Global Game Jam


Global Game Jam


The Call Of Mordak

Made in a team of seven student in computer science, The Call Of Mordak is our entry for Global Game Jam 2016 in Besançon site. More information on the website : https://globalgamejam.org/2016/games/call-mordak

Other Projects

Silvarni - Art Of War

Silvarni – Art Of War is a video game developped as Bachelor Project for six month using C++ latest standart and SFML library. 

It is a online multiplayer tactical RPG able to host many games on the same server.

Made in partnership with Romain Mekarni, we received the congratulations of the jury for the most complete project ever made in the university. 

Evopet Project

Evopets is a project to create a free (as GPL licence) version of Pokémon, inluding some of changes I would like to see in the original version.

It has been updated for months before Silvarni – Art Of War trade my spare time with skills that made be think I need to recreate it entirely from scratch.

However, Evopet project keeps a huge place in my heart and I will definitely make a final version I will be proud of.

Other Interests

Playing the Piano

I learned by myself to play piano, I still can't read a music sheet but am able to play my favourite melodies that marked my childhood, like Beatrix Theme from Final Fantasy IX or The Windmill Song from Zelda Ocarina Of Time.

Animal cause

I spend my whole life fighting for animal rights. I can't let a animal suffer for no reason and have participated in several events. Animal respect starts with veganism and is a life work, lots of effort to swim to the right direction in a river where all the fishes go in opposite direction.


I already have been in several Eruopean foreing countries like Austria, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Belgium. But I know aspire to travel over the other continent and discover foreign cultures, foreign habits and see those marvellous landscapes we see on the Internet.