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Vegan Free Software Developer

Bachelor in computer science, months of experience in video game studios, passionate and joining each and every jam since 2016.

About Me

Free Software and Video Game developer

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I Passed the Baccalauréat Général with honours. Next, I have been the Major during my whole Bachelor Degree. I followed a special cursus named Cursus Master en Ingénierie meaning I am as experienced as an Engineer (Team management, technical skills and oral and writting reports).

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I join every game jam since I know it exists: Global Game Jams, Ludum Dare; you can find all my jams on http://vegevan.itch.io. I learn a lot by myself, Godot Engine, ruby, C++; programming is kind of a drug for me.

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I have spent two month in at Shine Research, working on a cross-platform 3D engine; creating a game for children. I have spent six month in a video game studio working on a 2D action platformer where I modelized and created the ennemies and their AI.

Featured portfolio project

My most popular work

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Escape The Pyramid

Made for Ludum Dare 36 in 48 hours of intense programming, Escape the Pyramid is a top-down platformer in Godot Engine showcase with thousands of view and hundreds of downloads.

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Running A Wave

Running a Wave was my entry for the Global Game Jam 2017. It has been done in 48 hours in a team of seven persons of all kinds. More details at globalgamejam.org/2017/games

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The Call Of Mordak

Running a Wave was my entry for the Global Game Jam 2016. It has been done in 48 hours in a team of ten persons of all kinds. More details at globalgamejam.org/2016/games

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Kar'kh War

My entry for Ludum Dare 38, the most recent job I have done so far. I has complee state machine, tutorial and some other stuff. I am not really proud of it, but is interesting in a technical point of view.